Project 300+

What is Project 300+?

Volunteer Organization.

One Simple Objective: Bring joy to 300+ kids every Christmas.

About the Group:

Group of people sharing the same cause of helping the less fortunate children. Changing the world, one child at a time.

Members are previous donors, volunteers, and supporters of "Project 300+".

The group started in 2011, with barangay Veterans Village as their first beneficiary.

Donors will be acknowledged through a secret FB page only, in outside world, you are anonymous.

This Group is For:

Businesses and individuals who share the same objective. Who wants to help today or in a near future.

This Group is Not For:

Businesses who wants marketing mileage.

Individuals who want to show-off their helping feat.


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hi guys! we are done with season VIII of our project 300+! we made this for 8 long years because of our cause and the pureness of the hearts of our benefactors who firmly believe in anonymous giving. personally i never claimed credit on this, and i'm just a mere facilitator of this undertaking. at the end of the day, the real winners, were the hundreds of children who went home smiling. we give back the glory to God. Thank you for paying forward your blessings.

for this year, we would like to thank our partners in this endeavor, the Sibunag LGU who accommodated us in their beautiful gym and transpo for children (Mayor Annabelle), the FF cruz for hauling our vehicles and volunteers ILO-GUIM-ILO, our volunteers for their time with children.

my three words for us this 2020,"PAY IT FORWARD!" I am certain, all else will follow. Blessings!

@Tupe^ 27dec2019

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"i am never tired of asking favor for the benefit of our less fortunate children, my heart belongs to them. click "Donate to Project300+" for #project300+ .
our budget per kid is Php150. This will cover the cost of food & toys.
Make these kids happy this Christmas.
Start with one kid, and experience the addicting joy of giving! "CHRISTOPHER MIAGUE ESMERES,CPA,MMMain Facilitator

How we started. Interview with Bombo Radyo Philippines - Iloilo

Dear Anonymous Donors,

Each of your names is engraved in my heart. 620 kids on the 28th day of December 2018 went home with smile on their faces. I represented you to them. I told them that Christmas is sharing, not asking. I requested them that when they grow up, as much as possible they'll Pay this Act of Kindness Forward. I am confident that this world will be a better place full of people with grateful hearts.

This is your project, we executed it.

I am certain, God will bless you more, simply because you all let the blessings flow free, without greed nor envy.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019 đŸ˜˜

For God and Country,


#project300+ Season VII Invite

We need help, Join us! <3 for details

PM us on how you can help.

Blessings :)

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Get Back Up Again


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Project 300+ 2016 Season V

Coverage: 600 Kids & 100 Senior Citizens

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The Purpose of life is to give it away. - Picasso

hi guys! PROJECT 300+ season V is done, we will be forever grateful to our anonymous benefactors, who shared their resources for the love of our cause. Making the world a happy place, one child at a time.

We would like to thank also our volunteers on site, despite the scourging heat of the sun, they made it happen.

this is not my project, but OUR project for a better world. <3


Thank you LGU Sibunag for giving us a vehicle to haul our volunteers.

Thank you Barangay Sabang, Kap Lutero for the warm accommodation and processing the most deserving kids.

To our client FF Cruz Roro for providing us a vehicle for hauling of our gifts and taking our vehicles Free-of-Charge back & forth.

PROJECT 300+ 2016 season V Invite

PROJECT 300+ 2015 Season IV Invite

Project 300 on its 3rd year

hi guys, project 300 is up. Php100 for every child. That will cover the food and a gift. Donations are accepted in the following banks; BDO, BPI, CHINABANK, & ALLIED BANK. Donors as always remain anonymous. PM me if you have the heart to spare your Php100 this Christmas for the Project. God bless you! btw, it's only a cup of coffee in Starbucks. Pass ka man bisan ka isa lang, hehehe..

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