Our Cloud Accounting

What should you be expecting from your Accountant or your Computerized accounting software?

Financial Statements (FS) should not only be timely but accurate. Without these numbers, businessmen are shooting the goal blindfolded. Esmeres Cloud delivers real-time numbers, may it be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a year to date basis.

  1. Profit and Loss (PNL or Income statement) - Are we really gaining? This measures the performance of business, that will give you an idea if the business is losing or gaining. Your accountant on a click of a button can give PNL FS either cash or accrual basis. Red flags could be raised early if the business is on red or losing money. This will also help you automatically determine the Value Added Tax (VAT) that you should be paying with the BIR.

  2. Balance Sheet - Do we still have enough assets to cover our utang? This will tell the business owner the financial position of the business. True to the accounting equation of Assets minus Liabilities equals Owner's Equity. You will be appraised if the business has a going concern issue or has a healthy financial ratios. This will aid also the business in NFCC requirement of the government for bidding purposes, or the DTI PCAB requirement for new or renewal of accreditation.

  3. Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging - Who owes the business money? Does it need legal help in chasing customers with 90+ days past credit limit? On click of a button, the owner will know, how much is the AR as of specific date and who are these customers that owe money with the business. Esmeres Cloud assures that the General Ledger of AR in the Balance Sheet always reconcile with the List of customers or subsidiary ledgers in real-time. No more waiting and we don't even need an AR clerk.

  4. Accounts Payable (AP ) Aging - Who do you owe money? This report will give you automatically the list of unpaid invoices with suppliers and days past due the credit limit. Through this report, you will know for a fact that some assets in your Balance Sheet is owned by the creditors. This will also help you manage your cash flow.

  5. Bank Reconciliation - Does your bank balance reconciles with your books? This is the common problem of small to medium business owners of which they failed to take into account reconciling items from the bank. May it be credit or debit memos, Esmeres Cloud will help you reconcile and make a report just by tagging transactions as cleared or uncleared, and by making entry of all the items that were not reflected in the books from the bank statements.

Why choose Cloud Accounting?

  1. Work from anywhere 24/7 - no more paper mess and access your digital records over the internet. You can even attach your supporting documents in every accounting entry you made. Save money from accountant or auditor visits since they can check source documents online too.

  2. Understand your Financials better - through a simple and user-friendly dashboard and reports, performance and business position could be easily analyzed by owners and non-accountant stakeholders.

  3. Save 80% of your accounting time - through our more than 20 years of computerized accounting experience, we can safely say that compare to manual accounting or excel, significant accounting time is saved thus lower manpower cost and office operating expenses. Since the only human intervention is during encoding, less errors are committed thus saving time in correcting financial statements.

  4. Pro-active fraud management - by always adhering to double entry accounting and making sure to preserve the integrity of information, you are one step ahead in preventing irregularities and protecting your assets.

  5. Lower your cost - by adopting cloud accounting, you will be billed a minimal one-time setup cost and a lower monthly technical support which can be terminated anytime. By going paperless, reproduction of documents is minimized.

  6. Real-time reports - after encoding of the source documents, report is immediately generated by the system. Financial statements in cloud accounting are timely and accurate.

  7. Reduce management frustration and increase staff motivation - since the staff will be trained for new skills, they will feel more motivated. Meanwhile since reports are timely and accurate, the management will always be on top of company's performance, stress level is reduced.

  8. Secured financial information - bank level security is enforced in the cloud.